The Think-Tank report summaries the findings from this intensive all-day planning workshop.

The five-hour Envision East Central Iowa scenario-based Think-Tank was conducted virtually on September 29, 2021.

Approximately 122 people attended this workshop that included ECICOG staff, regional community members, industry, and agency representatives. The Think-Tank was intended to build coherency around a vision for regional future planning for East Central Iowa that will guide stakeholders over the next five years.

The scenario planning process provides a method to explore plausible futures and consider the implications of various future scenarios. The Think-Tank workshop aimed to:
  • Deepen the understanding and examination of how external events and local conditions could shape decision-making
  • Identify and understand the key influences, trends, and dynamics that will shape the solid waste management and recycling looking out to 2030
  • Create and describe four plausible long-term scenarios for the East Central Iowa
  • Explore alignment around a shared future vision
  • Examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to East Central Iowa as perceived by community stakeholders

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