Envision East Central Strategy Committee

This project has been guided by a local ‘Envision East Central Iowa Strategy Committee’, established by East Central Iowa Council of Governments.

This committee was made up of numerous partner organization, many of which have committed to participate in the implementation stages. The initiative was hosted by the ECICOG (East Central Iowa Council of Governments).

CEDS Strategy Committee Members

  • Jasmine Almoayyed, VP Continuing Education, Kirkwood Community College
  • Mary Audia, Executive Director, Washington Economic Development Group
  • Kim Becicka, VP Continuing Education (retired), Kirkwood Community College
  • Eric Engelmann, Partner, ISA Ventures
  • Les Garner, President & CEO, Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
  • Nick Glew, President, MEDCO
  • Katie Knight, President & CEO, United Way Johnson and Washington Counties
  • Jeff Kueter, Director of Corporate Engagement, University of Iowa
  • Derek Lumsden, Executive Director, Jones County Economic Development
  • Kate Moreland, President, ICAD
  • Doug Neumann, Executive Director, Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance
  • Brent Oleson, Deputy Director, Policy & Community Relations, Linn County
  • Jennifer Pratt, Community Development Director, City of Cedar Rapids
  • Kristin Roberts, President & CEO, United Way of East Central Iowa
  • Kate Robertson, Executive Director, Benton County Development Group and Iowa County Community Development
  • Tracy Seeman, County Supervisor, Benton County
  • Rod Sullivan, County Supervisor, Johnson County
  • Janice Weiner, Alderperson, City of Iowa City
  • Bob Yoder, County Supervisor, Washington County
  • Jon Zirkelbach, County Supervisor, Jones County
  • Karey Chase, Director of Community Impact, United Way of East Central Iowa

our strategy committee member organizations!

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