Action Teams

Action teams are being created for each of the Strategic Pillars. The teams will work to implement the actions that have been identified under each pillar. Interim Pillar Leads have been identified, and we are inviting interested people and organizations to join the teams.


We are forming action teams to work on each of the key Strategic Pillars and priority actions. If you are interested – let us know!

The Strategic Actions aim to address the big challenges in the region, including:

  • Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. This will include work to help the regional economy grow and flourish.
  • Tackling the challenges of poverty and inequality. This work will create pathways for shared prosperity, and address existing and emerging issues of inequality, affordability, and poverty. The intention is to make the region a place that all people can thrive.
  • Creating more livable and sustainable communities. Action includes work to help reimagine neighborhoods, build recreation infrastructure, and protect natural resources.


Following the creation of the Strategic Pillars, the Strategy Committee identified a series of key Strategic Actions that help implement the intentions of each Strategic Pillar.

The Strategic Actions represent a series of catalytic actions that will propel the region towards the preferred future. They are intended to support existing or planning initiatives, and to fill critical gaps.

Strategic Actions By Pillar

  • Capitalize on trends that are changing the location and nature of manufacturing
  • Plan for the transformation of energy production systems 
  • Focus on capturing opportunities in the biosciences and bioeconomy
  • Facilitate relocation of R&D facilities and functions to
    the region
  • Develop systemic, coordinated support for entrepreneurs in our region
  • Assist communities with the creation of innovation spaces
  • Develop targeted marketing and storytelling to attract key industry clusters
  • Support efforts to address flooding and water quality issues
  • Support the move towards more regenerative land use practices
  • Promote local level action that supports the transition to clean energy
  • Amplify the use of Iowa’s Smart Planning Principles throughout the region
  • Revitalize neighborhoods via rehabilitation, infill projects and adaptive reuse
  • Build connectivity and walkability through transportation infrastructure and neighborhood design 
  • Stimulate the development of more unique events, cultural assets, and places
  • Connect individual community assets to strengthen the region’s vitality
  • Expand and connect recreational opportunities region-wide 
  • Develop an overall regional onboarding system unique to East Central Iowa 
  • Focus on support systems to assist immigrant populations thrive in the region
  • Expand education initiatives for career connected learning
  • Support the widespread creation of quality sustainable and affordable housing
  • Develop and promote a coordinated plan for childcare in the region
  • Expand access to fast affordable broadband across the region

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